GFS Annual Gala

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Goleta School District Eligibility

Thank you for your interest in Goleta Family School (GFS). Please note that GFS is open only to people who live in the Goleta Union School District (GUSD). Click the following link to see the district’s attendance area listed by street: If your street is not listed, you are not eligible to enroll in Goleta Family School.


Goleta Family School is an alternative, public school program offered by the Goleta Union School District to families with children in Kindergarten through grade six. Our curriculum is child-centered with an emphasis on creative expression, independent thinking, and cooperative social skills. The unique multi-grade setting allows the students to learn at their own pace and enjoy ongoing cross-age learning. Like all public schools in the Goleta Union School District, GFS is tuition-free.

Lottery System: March 1 Drawing

GFS operates on a lottery system. Parents must attend one information session and one tour, and then fill out an application. Families will then be entered into the lottery, which takes place on March 1. At that time, open spots in all grades are filled and waiting list order is established. If there are more interested families after the March 1 lottery, we do another lottery drawing on May 1. Usually, all available spots are filled with the first lottery, so the second lottery is done simply to determine the order that new families will be placed on the waiting list. Families from the March 1 lottery maintain their waiting list position and new families are placed farther down on the list.

We maintain a waiting list for each cohort. Families who are not offered a spot immediately will maintain their place on that waiting list when the cohort advances to the next grade. We immediately notify families when spots become available. However, families are welcome to check in at any time to learn if their child’s position on the waiting list has advanced.

Parent Information Night and Tours

For the 2014-15 school year, we will hold three information sessions and three tours. We recently completed the first two cycles, so there is one more information session and one more tour left. We will have a prospective parent information night on April 17 at 6:30 p.m. A tour will be given on Monday, April 28 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL AVAILABLE SPOTS IN ALL GRADES HAVE ALREADY BEEN FILLED BY THE MARCH 1 LOTTERY, AND THERE IS A WAITING LIST.

GFS is located on the campus of Foothill Elementary at 711 Ribera Dr., and consists of three classrooms, a garden, and a courtyard all the way at the back of Foothill, close to the large field and Cathedral Oaks. You will be meeting back there for the parent information session. For the tour, we will meet at the flag pole near the driveway in front of Foothill School.

Please do not bring your children to either the tour or the information session. Feel free to contact Heather Stevenson, PTA president, at if you have questions about the tour or information session. Specific questions about the school will be answered at the information session and tour.

“I appreciate whoever invented the word ‘pass’.”


“My favorite memory this year is getting better at reading and playing blocks.”


“My favorite memory was playing checkers with Duck and Macy.”


“My favorite memory is when I saw the island fox, and watching Graham get nibbled by the island fox.”


“My favorite memory of the year is when we did ceramics”


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Upcoming Events

Apr. 4: Natasha’s 3/4 birthday celebration

Apr. 19: GFS Gala

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